Avoid These Foods After Your Tooth Extraction

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Having your dentist in Kendall, Miami, extract your tooth is only one part of your whole recovery process. Since your extracted tooth still needs to heal, there’s a possibility that your gums could get infected or irritated if not appropriately treated. One way to prevent any complications is to avoid certain foods while recovering.

The food you eat is an essential aspect of the rehabilitation process. While some meals may aid in your recovery, others may aggravate the area where your tooth was extracted. To help you recover faster, here are some foods that you need to avoid.  

Dentist in Kendall Miami flossingWhat to Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

Avoid Hard Foods

Hard foods, such as nuts, sweets, and other fruits, might cause your wound to become infected. Excessive stress on your injury could open it up and prevent it from healing properly. By limiting hard meals, you can speed up the healing process by reducing the amount of pressure applied to the damaged area.  

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks such as rum, beer, and wine can affect the healing process of your wound in different ways. One problem that you could face while drinking these beverages is infection and irritation. The alcohol in your drinks could cause your injuries to develop complications while healing or closing, causing bleeding or tooth loss.  

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods could also cause complications to your recovery process by leaving food particles inside your exposed gums. Sticky foods such as licorice, gum, and toffee can quickly enter your wound and cause infections in your gums. Remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly if you plan on eating sticky foods.  

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