What Age Can You Get Braces?

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According to orthodontists, the right time to receive braces in Tamiami is typically during the early teen years. Children with crooked teeth can start wearing braces as soon as their permanent teeth erupt because braces are designed to remedy these issues. As for adults, as long as you have most of your teeth, you can get braces to help align them properly.

While braces are a great tool to fix crooked teeth, there are some factors that you should know before you get them. Here are some facts concerning braces that you should know if you’re not sure if you or your child are ready to wear them.   brackets of braces in Tamiami

Facts About Wearing Braces

Is There an Age Limit on Getting Braces?

Even though there’s no age limit for wearing braces, significant oral health issues may hinder a patient from getting them. Badly damaged teeth to connect the orthodontic device is one of the reasons why a patient can’t have braces. Another problem prohibiting a patient from getting braces is severe gum disease, such as periodontal disease.

Do You Have to Get Braces at a Certain Age?

While you don’t need to reach a certain age before getting braces, it ultimately depends on the patient. Although there isn’t a minimum age for wearing braces, children needing them for tooth alignment must already have their permanent teeth before getting them.

What Are the Advantages of Braces?

While wearing braces is typically done to correct crooked teeth, there are other advantages. A patient may need braces for the following reasons:

  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Jaw issues
  • Malocclusion or a poor bite
  • Unbalanced facial features
  • Bruxism    

Kid with braces in TamiamiDo You Need Braces in Tamiami?

If you’re prepared to wear braces, our staff at Tamiami Dental Center can provide you with orthodontic care. If you have questions concerning braces, get in touch with us today!