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Broken teeth? Damaged and missing canines? Tamiami Dental Center offers completely comprehensive dental crowns and bridgework to everyone in and around sunny Miami. Bridges and crowns can help individuals completely replace missing teeth and restore a higher level of self confidence. Whether placed over dental implants or used for stable bridgework, dental crown and bridgework services from Tamiami Dental Center can help change a smile permanently.

The most common use for dental implants is the installation and stabilization of dental crowns and bridges to replace gaps in teeth. A chipped tooth, a couple missing front teeth, and even large gaps in teeth can be fixed through crown and bridge services from Tamiami Dental Center. Bridgework and crowns are durable, dependable solutions for building a healthier, brighter smile that lasts.


Dental crowns and bridges are common dental solutions to a wide range of problems. At Tamiami Dental Center, we create individualized solutions for clients with a variety of dental issues.

Check out the list below for a few areas that crowns and bridges can help improve your smile:

  • Large cavities
  • Extended gaps in teeth
  • Areas where root canals are needed/were completed
  • Cosmetic improvements to improve a smile
  • Dead teeth
  • Extreme tooth decay
  • Damaged fillings/filling prone to falling out
  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Completely broken teeth


Bridges and dental crowns are great options for people who need to repair significantly damaged teeth. Crowns are the choice of individuals who want to create bridgework that completely changes a smile. Installing these dental appliances requires creation of impressions of the mouth for a perfect fit. These molds are then used to create temporary crowns for people installing more permanent dental work. Once two weeks have passed, permanent crowns are then installed by our professional dental team.

For people who are removing damaged teeth, bridgework and installation of crowns are not installed until damaged teeth are removed or covered. Since we offer a completely comprehensive set of services, our team is able to complete removal of damaged teeth, installation of crowns, and complete design of bridges. Temporary crowns are often installed while the bite is being designed properly to allow patients to eat and speak as usual.

On the follow-up appointment, temporary crowns are removed and the mouth is prepared for installation. Underlying teeth are then completely cleaned and prepped for the crown. Finally, crowns are installed and analyzed to ensure the most beneficial bite and jaw movement possible.


Comprehensive dental services at Tamiami Dental Center include complete design and installation of dental bridges. We offer the installation of many types of bridges such as removable bridges, porcelain fixed bridges, simple fixed bridges, and others to fit individual needs. Analyzing a bite, molding a bridge, and all other services needed for proper bridge installation are offered from the dynamic team of dentists at Tamiami Dental Center. When both bridges and crowns are used together, a smile can be completely changed. Confidence once lost is returned with the creation of a set of healthy, straight teeth. At Tamiami Dental Center, we install bridges and crowns that help create a better, brighter smile.

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