Who Can Get Dental Veneers?

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If you want to improve your smile, getting veneers in Tamiami is a fantastic option. Veneers can significantly improve your teeth if you have damaged, misshapen, or discolored teeth. Here are some veneer-related facts that may interest you as you search for whiter and healthier teeth.

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Are You Qualified to Get Veneers

Why Are Veneers Popular?

Dental veneers are one of the best cosmetic procedures due to their low cost and low maintenance requirements. The shells affixed to your teeth do not discolor or develop cavities, which is another reason to get veneers. However, the remaining teeth beneath the crown are still susceptible to decay and cavities. Even if you have veneers, you must maintain proper oral hygiene.

Are Veneers the Right Choice for Me?

While veneers are an excellent alternative to dental implants, you must meet specific requirements to qualify for this treatment. Part of the treatment involves filing away enamel, which could expose the pulp. This procedure can be performed on patients with severely stained or discolored teeth who do not have multiple decayed teeth or large fillings.

Who Shouldn’t Get Veneers?

It’s crucial to establish that veneers are not appropriate for everyone. Patients must meet a minimum requirement to be eligible for dental veneers. To help you understand these conditions, here are examples of individuals who should not receive veneers:

Individuals with oral cancer

Individuals who grind their teeth

People with severe tooth decay and cavities

Those with gingivitis

Is It Painful to Receive Veneers?

No, most patients feel minimal to no pain during the procedure. You will only experience some discomfort after the procedure. During the process, your dentist will administer a sedative to help you relax and avoid pain or discomfort.
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Are You Interested in Getting Veneers in Tamiami?

If you’re considering getting veneers for your teeth, don’t hesitate to contact our devoted staff. Our skilled and knowledgeable dentist at Tamiami Dental Center can provide the most effective dental treatment. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer.