How to Treat a Cracked Tooth

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Among the numerous sources of dental trauma, a cracked tooth seems to be on the top five of the list. Whether it was a result of a sports injury or an unfortunate bite from hard foods you’ve been dying to eat, a cracked tooth can happen anytime and anywhere. That is why it’s essential that you know how to handle and treat a cracked tooth according to the advice and recommendations of the best dentist in Tamiami.

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What Happens If you Have a Cracked Tooth

What To Do?

A cracked tooth can easily be prevented. Wearing mouthguards while playing sports and taking caution every time you bite on something will help you big time! Another good news is that when you’re unfortunate and a cracked tooth occurs, you can easily fix it by contacting a dentist immediately after the incident.

Likewise, caring for a cracked tooth is an easy job. All you need to do is to keep the area clean and avoid crunchy, sugary, and sticky foods. You can keep the area clean through regular brushing and flossing. Just be careful you don’t cause any damage to the affected tooth. In case it’s too painful to brush your teeth, you can use an antiseptic mouthwash for the first few days after the injury.

What Dentists Can Do For Your Cracked Tooth

If you cracked your tooth, dentists know how serious the issue will be if it’s not treated accordingly. This dental problem can compromise the health of your tooth and affect your enamel, leading to teeth sensitivity and exposure to infection. Also, you have to remember that not all cracks are visible to the naked eye. There are times when only an x-ray can detect the crack. Hence, it’s imperative that you seek a dental intervention.

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Cracked Tooth? Have It Treated By a Dentist in Tamiami!

Fixing a cracked tooth can prevent further infection and teeth sensitivity. If you think you have this problem, contact our experienced dentists at Tamiami Dental Center!