Signs You Have a Dental Implant Infection

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Dental implants in Tamiami are one of dentistry’s most dependable instruments. Even though each implant is made of artificial materials like porcelain, metal, and resin, it’s still possible to get infected. If you want to know these symptoms, here are some warning signs of dental implant infections.   

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Signs That You Need to Look Out For

Loose Implants

A loose implant is not only difficult to deal with, but also a sign that your dental implants are failing. If you feel like your dental implants are always shifting, it’s important that you see your dentist as soon as possible to check for any underlying implant infection. 

Constant Pain in the Implant Area

While pain is expected in people who have recently completed this dental operation, pain that persists despite prescription pain medications is not a good sign. Persistent and long-lasting pain signifies that your dental implants might have an underlying infection beneath them. It’s essential to see your dentist and have it evaluated if you’re consistently feeling pain in the area where your implant is located.  

Redness and Swelling

The redness and swelling in the affected area are a manifestation of an infected implant. Although these symptoms are common after surgery, they should be treated seriously if they last longer than a week. Your dentist might recommend you undergo medication to lessen the redness and swelling.  

Severe Gum Bleeding

Severe gum bleeding is one of the main symptoms of an infection in your implant. If your gums are constantly bleeding around your dental implant, you’ll need the help of a reliable dentist to check your case. The cause of your bleeding gums can come from different sources such as periodontal disease and trauma.

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If you don’t want to experience difficulties or complications with your dental implants, make sure to get them checked every six months. Here at Tamiami Dental Center, our oral health specialists are skilled and dedicated to assessing dental problems. Make an appointment today to have your dental implants checked!