How Smoking Affects Dental Implants: Risks & Recovery

Woman smoking after getting implants with a Doral dentist

Whether you’re a longtime or casual smoker, you need to think twice before getting dental implants from your trusted Doral dentist. It’s crucial to first understand how your habit could impact the success of the procedure. That way, you can know exactly what to expect and how to manage the risks. 

Keep reading to learn everything to know about smoking and dental implants.

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The Impact of Smoking on Dental Implant Success

The Risk of Infection Goes Up

Smoking hampers the body’s ability to fight infections. The chemicals in tobacco cut down the oxygen in your bloodstream. Less oxygen means slower healing at the surgery site, increasing your chances of catching an infection. 

Healing Slows Down

Ever noticed how smokers take longer to recover from a cold? That’s because nicotine clamps down on your blood vessels, slowing down the healing process. After getting an implant from your Doral dentist, you want your gums and bones to heal fast and firm. Smoking? Not a friend here. 

Higher Rate of Implant Failure

Studies have shown that smokers often see more implant failures than non-smokers. Why? Poor blood flow messes with how well your new implant bonds with your jawbone – a process known as osseointegration.

Recovery Tips for Smokers with Dental Implants

Consult Your Dentist

Always be honest with your dentist about your smoking habits. They can provide tailored advice and support resources to help reduce the impact of smoking on your dental implants.

Consider Kicking the Habit

Quitting smoking before your implant procedure significantly increases the chance of success. Many dental clinics offer or can refer you to smoking cessation programs. 

Step Up Your Oral Hygiene Game

With the extra risk that smoking brings, ramping up your oral care routine is a must. Make sure to brush thoroughly, floss like a pro, and never miss a swish of mouthwash. Don’t forget that your dentist is always there to help guide you through the best practices. 

doral dentist explains what smoking does to dental implants

Looking for a Prominent Doral Dentist?

Wrapping it all up – smoking can make things a bit tricky when it comes to dental implants, from slower healing to a higher risk of complications. But don’t stress! Tamiami Dental Center has your back, from managing any risks to ensuring your implant bonds properly. Get in touch with us today!