Habits You Need to Avoid After Dental Implant Surgery

Patient with Dental Implant in Doral

While dental implants in Doral can help improve your oral health, you’ll need to avoid certain habits if you want them to last long. Like any dental operation, getting dental implants requires plenty of rest and recovery. Here are some practices that you should avoid after your surgery.

Illustration of Dental Implant in DoralActivities You Should Avoid After Surgery

Consuming Alcoholic Drinks

The leading cause of problems after getting dental implants is drinking alcohol. Alcoholic drinks cause dry sockets among patients who drink them after an oral operation. A dry socket is a condition that occurs when the wound doesn’t produce or loses a blood clot, making healing extremely difficult and making you experience a lot of discomfort.  


Smoking is another problem that causes delays in post-surgery healing, right behind drinking. When you smoke after your operation, the saliva in your mouth mixed with the smoke and other bacteria can enter your wound and cause infections. Avoid smoking after your implant surgery, or quit entirely to improve your overall health.  

Performing Strenuous Activity

After having dental implant surgery, you’ll need to refrain from engaging in any activity that involves lifting or moving heavy objects. These activities can cause the sutures in your mouth to rip and result in bleeding. Additionally, it can potentially interfere with your body’s normal blood clotting processes, leading to a painful dry socket.   

Failing to Observe Proper Hygiene

While some people are worried that brushing their teeth following dental surgery would open the wound or cause damage, this isn’t the case. The truth is that maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential to a quicker recovery. To maintain low bacterial levels, carefully brush and rinse your teeth and mouth daily to prevent bacteria buildup.

Illustration of Dental Implant in DoralAre You Interested in Getting Dental Implants in Doral?

Now that you know what to do after your dental operation, you’re ready to undergo this procedure. Here at Tamiami Dental Center, we provide a wide range of dental solutions to help you regain your oral health. Get in touch with our team today!