Foods to Avoid if You Have False Teeth

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Dentures are one of the most reliable dental devices, but they can still be damaged if they are not cared for properly. If you just got dentures in Tamiami, you may wonder what foods you can and can’t eat when you wear them for the first time. Even though you can eat most foods while wearing them, you should avoid these foods if you want your dentures to last long.

The following foods should be avoided to maintain dentures and prevent them from damaging.
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Avoid These Foods if You Wear Dentures

Licorice and Sweets

Sticky candies such as caramel, toffee, and licorice should be avoided if you want your dentures to last. It’s significantly more challenging to remove gum and candies from dentures than from natural teeth. To clean and remove sticky sugar from your dentures, you may need to remove them.

Nuts, Seeds, and Hard Fruits

While nuts, seeds, and fruits may have numerous health benefits, eating them when you just got your dental device may cause significant damage to them. Even though your dentures can withstand the pressure of chewing certain nuts, seeds, and fruits, you’ll still need to chew tough foods on both sides of your mouth. Avoiding these foods during the first few months can prevent your dentures from slipping or popping out.

Steak and Tough Meats

If steak and other difficult-to-chew meats are not properly cooked, they can damage your teeth and dentures. Chewing beef with a texture comparable to a rubber band can irritate the gums and place extreme strain on false teeth. If you exert sufficient force, your dentures may completely dislodge from your mouth.


Denture wearers should avoid this food because the corn’s fibers can become lodged in dentures and cause irritation. Most dentures have a space where they attach to the mouth or teeth where food frequently becomes lodged.

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