Dentist in Kendall Miami | Things to Know About Gum Disease

Did you know that over 60% of people are prone to early gum disease? That’s why we’re your specialists for detecting gum disease in its early stages. At Tamiami Dental Center, we know how to treat your gum disease, so you can have great oral health. Let’s keep reading about the best dentist in Kendall Miami!


Gum Disease

In the first place, gum disease starts when plaque builds up over time. This accumulation is found on your teeth and gums. When this is left untreated, the plaque enters your gum pockets thereby creating early gum disease.




Adding on, we want you to be aware of the following symptoms to detect gum disease in its early stages. Visit us right away if you are experiencing:




Furthermore, treatment depends on the state of your condition. We will determine the nature of your situation with a thorough examination of your gums, teeth, and bite. Most commonly, flap surgery is the best way to remove tartar deposits within your gum pockets.

Then, once all plaque and tartar are removed your gums will be stitched in order to heal properly.


Do You Need a Dentist in Kendall Miami?

Last but not least, we know the importance of having great teeth for many years to come. Our dental experts know how to get you a long-lasting and confident smile! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!