Why Flossing Your Teeth Is More Important Than You Think

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Do you floss every day? You have probably been told to floss each day by your Tamiami dentist, but are you following their advice? Why do we floss? Only thirty percent of people say they flossed every day and almost one-third of adults say they never floss.  

Most people would think that flossing is just a way to remove food from in between your teeth. However, flossing also helps your oral health in a much bigger way.  

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The Real Reason to Floss 

Why Is It Important?  

Many people brush their teeth regularly thinking that brushing alone ensures a healthy mouth and will prevent them from having damaged teeth and gums. Unfortunately, if you do not floss daily then may still have at least forty percent chance of having a mouth that is infected.  Your jaw bone is also vulnerable to a serious oral case. 

What Will Happen if I Don’t Floss? 

Flossing is an essential part of your oral health routine along with brushing and regular trips to your dentist. Flossing removes the bacteria that dwell in your gumline. Bacteria is the main instigator for gum disease which is the leading cause of cavities, tooth decay, and most times, bad breath. 

Now that you know the real reason to floss, make sure to work and stick with these habits until they may become a part of your daily healthcare routine. 

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