When to See a Dentist: 3 Warning Signs

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It could be very tempting to put aside seemingly minor dental issues until you get your schedule cleared out. But you should know that there are warning signs that should never be taken lightly if you want to avoid complex dental surgeries. If you are still having second thoughts about seeing your dentist in Kendall, Miami, here are three signs to look out for.

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3 Signs that Tell You Need a Dentist

Loose or Shifting Teeth

Your adult teeth should often last you a lifetime if you take care of them properly. However, if you notice widening gaps or a light movement in your teeth, you shouldn’t take it lightly. This could be a sign of bone loss or infection. Look out for changes in how your teeth fit together as you bite or chew your food.


Having a toothache can be very common, but getting repeating pain is a different story. Tooth pain and sensitivity can be caused by a few factors, like cavities, broken teeth, abscess, damaged fillings, or grinding. Only your dentist can determine what’s behind the pain so you can get the right dental treatment.

Receding Gums

Although gum recession can be a normal part of your aging process, it could also be a sign of gum disease. No matter what the cause is, retreating gums can expose the delicate roots of your teeth, increasing the risk of infection, decay, pain, and tooth loss. This needs to be treated early to stop or even reverse the process.

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