What Is Halitosis or Chronic Bad Breath?  

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Sulfur-producing bacteria often reside on the tongue’s surface and the throat, which is the main culprit behind halitosis or bad breath. While having a steamy hot breath in the morning is common, people suffering from halitosis have bad breath all day. A dentist in Tamiami will often recommend that these patients have this oral health problem checked before it worsens.  

If you want to know more about this dental problem, here are the facts about halitosis that you should know.

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Learning About Halitosis

What Leads to Foul Breath?  

Just as there are numerous sources of bacteria in the mouth, there are multiple causes of bad breath. The following factors may contribute to halitosis: 

  • Improper Denture Cleaning  

Inadequately cleaned dentures increase the risk of accumulating bacteria contributing to foul breath. Remember to remove and clean your dentures every time you sleep at night to prevent plaque and germ accumulation.  

  • Germs on the Tongue   

The amino acids found in the food you eat can combine with specific bacteria on the tongue’s back to form sulfur compounds that release an unpleasant odor. The back of the tongue and throat can occasionally emit pungent volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) as these bacteria begin to break down proteins at a swift pace.   

  • Specific Foods   

Your breath and oral health are both impacted by what you consume. Any food, including garlic and onions, is absorbed into the bloodstream. That food may affect your breath and cause it to stink until it leaves the body.  

  • Inadequate Dental Care 

Food persists in the mouth without proper and consistent brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups. In this environment, microorganisms thrive and cause problems for your oral health. Food that builds up on the tongue, gums, or teeth may decay, which leaves a bad taste and smell in the mouth. 

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