Warning Signs that You Need to See a Periodontist

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Have you heard how periodontics in Miami works? Perhaps, you’ve only been to a dentist, but never to a periodontist. But you should know that there are some dental issues that only periodontists can treat. You’ll never know when you’ll need to visit a periodontist until you see these warning signs.

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Signs to Go to a Periodontist

Bleeding Gums

There could be several reasons why your gums bleed. It also indicates that your gum tissues are irritated because of plaque buildup. Though it might seem standard for your gums to bleed if you brush your teeth too hard, you should never hesitate to visit a periodontist if the bleeding persists.

Bleeding gums often happen in the early stage of gum disease, and it’s reversible if addressed early.

Persistent Bad Breath

It’s understandable how your breath can smell foul after eating onion or garlic. However, if your bad breath persists even with consistent oral care, you should take notice. One of the early signs of gum disease is bad breath. It could mean bacteria is stuck in your mouth, especially in your gums.

Sensitive Teeth

Suppose you feel a tingling sensation in your mouth when you intake hot or cold food. Teeth sensitivity indicates underlying periodontal disease. It makes the root of your teeth more exposed, thus making them more vulnerable.

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Have You Decided to Take Advantage of Periodontics in Miami?

If you happen to feel any of the signs mentioned above, visiting Tamiami Dental Center will be one of the best things to do. We ensure to provide you with proper dental treatment, starting with getting the correct diagnosis. Rest assured that your dental health is always in good hands with us. All you need to do is make an appointment.