Ultrasonic Scaler and its Benefits

where can i get periodontics in miami treatment?

Gum disease is a serious dental health issue and should never be neglected. The best thing to do is going to get periodontics in Miami treatment. While early-stage gum diseases can be treated by using home products and a good dental routine, this part is often missed.

Most patients who bring their gum disease concerns to a periodontist already experience severe symptoms. To stop gum disease, periodontists use advanced dental technologies such as an ultrasonic scaler.

where can i get periodontics in miami treatment?

Why Periodontists Use Ultrasonic Scalers

What is an Ultrasonic Scaler?

Before we delve into the benefits an ultrasonic scaler can offer, it’s imperative that you first know what it is. Customarily, dental scaling has been performed using a metal instrument. While this traditional tool can be effective, it can cause a higher degree of pain.

However, because of all the recent dental developments, experts designed an excellent scaling tool to address this concern. An ultrasonic scaler is an advanced tool that relies on low-frequency sound waves. These sound waves vibrate against the teeth and remove plaque and tartar buildup without the pain.

There are two main types of this advanced scaling technology – a piezoelectric scaler and magnetostrictive model. The former scaler operates at 28,000 to 36,000 cycles per second while the latter moves at 25,000 to 30,000 cycles per second. These dental scalers are designed with a built-in sprayer, making it possible for an easy and hassle-free antibacterial rinse.

What are the Benefits?

Aside from preventing a significant amount of pain during the treatment, the ultrasonic scaler offers more benefits than you can think of.

  • Less time on a dental chair
  • Removal of surface stains
  • Sensitive gum tissues will not be disturbed

where can i get periodontics in miami treatment?

Learn More About the Tools Used for Periodontics Miami

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