Traumatic Dental Injuries 

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Does your tooth need saving? Every endodontist in Miami is an expert at saving teeth! These dental professionals can detect tooth pain and perform treatments relating to the inside of your teeth. If your teeth experienced a traumatic dental injury, scheduling an appointment with an endodontist is the right thing to do. 

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Causes and Treatments of Traumatic Dental Injuries

What Are the Causes?

The majority of traumatic dental injuries are caused by accidents when playing sports, experiencing vehicle collisions, and falls. However, these may also be due to violent accidents such as physical abuse and fighting. Nonetheless, accidents are not the only reasons for traumatic dental injuries.  

You can also cause dental trauma from drinking hot liquids and excessively eating hard foods. 

What Are the Treatments?

Treating dental trauma involves various procedures. It may depend on the severity and nature of the condition. Below are the following treatments performed by an endodontist on a specific dental problem. 

  • Knocked-out Tooth – Knocking out your tooth requires immediate treatment if you want to get it replanted. For as long as you have it treated within 30 minutes, your endodontist can most probably save your tooth. 
  • Dislodged Tooth – To treat this dental problem, your endodontist will have to reestablish your tooth and perform root canal treatment to avoid further infection. A root canal may also be required if the pulp gets exposed. 
  • Fractures or Chipped Teeth – Your endodontist will apply a tooth-colored filling to replace the lost portion of the tooth. However, if placing a filling won’t do the job, a dental crown treatment may be required. 

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Get Exceptional Services from an Endodontist in Miami

Numerous types of injury fall under the classification of traumatic dental injuries. These include laceration of the lips or gums, jaw fracture, fracture of the tooth socket, and those mentioned above. If you happen to have one of these dental problems, consult an endodontist at Tamiami Dental Center to avoid future damage and injury that may compromise your dental and overall health.