Traditional Braces vs Invisalign®: Deciding Which One Is Best For Yo

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If you’re looking for ways to straighten your teeth and make your smile much more appealing, you may be wondering about the benefits of Invisalign. Many choose the Invisalign Tamiami treatment over traditional braces because of its many advantages.  

Have you been wondering what type of braces is right for you? We are going to examine the differences between Invisalign and traditional Braces. 

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Analyzing the Differences   

What Option Is Best For You? 

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment made of transparent and close to invisible tray aligners. Patients switch to a new set of tray aligners every two weeks.  

The aligners will progressively shift your teeth into the correct positions. The main benefit of Invisalign is that the aligners are clear, and they do not require having wires and metal, that could irritate the insides of your mouth.  

Additionally, the aligners are removable. This allows the wearer to enjoy their food and drink whatever and whenever they want, unlike with metallic fixed appliances. They also allow you to brush your teeth easily and maintain proper oral hygiene. 

Traditional Braces all work in the same manner. Brackets are attached to individual teeth; then arch wires connect to each bracket. Dental elastic bands hold the wires in place on the brackets while the wires create tension in order to move teeth into the correct position.   

Cost Analyzation  

When it comes to the cost factor, traditional braces are the least costly treatment next to Invisalign. It is important to note that there are variables including the degree of misalignment that affect the final cost. Your orthodontist will be the one who will provide a more precise figure after your initial consultation.  

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Choosing Between Traditional Braces and Invisalign in Tamiami? 

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