The Worst Foods for Your Teeth

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Whatever food goes in our body passes through our mouth, and while we know the dangers unhealthy food can bring to our body, we sometimes forget that our oral health takes a hit, too. This article will shed light on the worst foods for your teeth, which your Tamiami dentist suggests you should look out for.   Salty and sweet snacks Tamiami Dentist

How is Oral Health Linked to Our Overall Health?

Poor oral health hygiene directly affects our overall health. Studies show that those with bad oral health practices suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and other serious diseases. With this in mind, it’s customary that we try to avoid foods that may damage our teeth and gums.  

Foods to Stay Away From

Sugary Sweets and Candies

Candies that take a long time to dissolve, like lollipops and jelly beans, will stay in your mouth for a while. Even when you rinse it with water after, some food particles may cling to your mouth’s crevices. Some desserts like cakes and cookies will also give the same result. Bad bacteria in your mouth love this sugary build-up.   

If you can’t resist sweets, eat them after your meal, not in between meals. Most importantly, don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating sugary foods.   

Soft Drinks

Whether they are sugar-free or not, soft drinks contain acid that can damage your teeth, causing them to rot or erode. You may replace them with unsweetened tea or water, but if you can’t avoid drinking sodas, remember not to brush right away. Acid softens your teeth, and brushing afterward will increase the possibility of tooth decay.  

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are undeniably a nutritious addition to a balanced diet. However, when eaten alone in high amounts, they can potentially damage your teeth. Citrus fruits have citric acid that can destroy your tooth’s enamel, causing it to wear out.   Woman visiting her Tamiami Dentist 

Visit Your Tamiami Dentist to Protect Your Teeth

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