How to Prevent Teeth from Cracking

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No matter how strong our teeth are, it is always possible to break or crack your teeth. Most of the time, it will happen unexpectedly. Whatever the cause may be, it is essential that you know how to prevent your teeth from cracking. Below are the effective ways you can prevent your teeth from breaking or cracking so you won’t have to visit an emergency Tamiami dentist.

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Clever Ways to Avoid Cracked Tooth

Use Protective Gears

Among the several causes of cracked or broken teeth, playing sports is the primary culprit. Thus, if you love full-contact sports such as football and Taekwondo, it is highly advisable that you wear a mouth guard or any protective gear.  According to an esteemed Tamiami dentist, full contact sports cover about 60% of dental injuries when it comes to cracked or broken teeth.

Avoid Hard Food Items

Eating or chewing hard food items can easily crack or chip your teeth. Examples of hard food items are ice, crunchy bread, caramel candy, bones, frozen foods, hard candy, shelled nut, and popcorn kernels. If you can’t avoid these food items, you can at least be careful when chewing it. As suggested by a Tamiami dentist, you need to try to develop a habit to chew evenly in your mouth. In this way, no portions of your teeth become vulnerable over the others.

Stop Clenching or Grinding Your Teeth

Teeth clenching and grinding may occur any time of the day, making it even harder for you to tell if this is even a dental concern you need to worry about. Grinding or clenching your teeth’s enamel becomes so weak and becomes more susceptible to damage and fracture. The primary cause of teeth grinding and clenching is stress. Hence, to address this concern, you need to alleviate stress in your life.

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More Clever Advice from Tamiami Dentist

Other causes of cracked or chipped teeth are fillings, ignoring dental problems, age, accidents, and tongue piercings. To know more information about how to address these causes, contact us now!