Tamiami Dentist | 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Invisalign

Have you ever considered getting your teeth aligned without going through the challenge of having traditional braces? If you have, you may be thinking about talking to your Tamiami Dentist about the game-changer called Invisalign. You may not know this but Invisalign can give you more than straightened teeth and an improved smile. Here are the other reasons why you should consider choosing these devices:


Invisalign is the comfortable solution compared to braces that come with occasional pain, sores and bleeding when a wire is broken. Invisalign is a custom-designed aligner that comfortably fits over your gums and teeth as gentle pressure is applied on your pearly whites to move them into place.


Your Tamiami Dentist will only require you to wear them for a number of hours a day, which means that unlike irremovable braces, they can be removed without the hassle. Lastly, Invisalign makes your oral hygiene a breeze because you can floss and brush normally if you just remove the aligners.


Braces aren’t highly recommended for people who play rough contact sports on a regular basis. Your retainer can also be used as a mouth guard while you sleep to protect it from grinding.


You won’t look like a metal mouth in your Instagram photos because Invisalign’s clear aligners are virtually invisible!


Do you have a dental insurance plan in place? If you do, Invisalign can usually be covered. Depending on what your Tamiami Dentist offers, you can make smaller monthly payments for your treatments.

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Ask Your Tamiami Dentist About Invisalign!

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