Taking Care of Your Dental Implants: 3 Easy Tips  

model of dental implants in Tamiami

 We know how great it feels to have your smile restored with dental implants in Tamiami. However, after your dental implant surgery, the last thing you’d probably think of is taking care of your teeth. Instead, you’ll just be focusing on enjoying your new smile. However, you need to understand that dental implants entail a lifetime of commitment to ensure that they last a lifetime.  

To help you get started with your new dental health journey, here are some valuable tips on how you can take care of your dental implants.  

man with dental implants in Tamiami biting an apple3 Dental Implant Aftercare Tips

Keep Them Clean

Like any other surgery, it’s crucial to keep the surgical site clean and free from possible infections. Though your gums are still sensitive after placing your implants, your dentist will still advise you to clean your teeth by brushing. You can ask for recommendations from your dentist about the best type of toothbrush to use around your surgical site.  

Be Extra Careful When Eating

You’ll indeed be prohibited from eating some food varieties after getting dental implants, but it’s only for a few days or until the surgical site is fully healed. While in the healing process, you need to watch what you eat. It’s recommended to eat soft food and chew on the inside of your mouth.   

Maintain Proper Dental Health Routine

Apart from brushing or using a mouthwash, your dental care routine should include regular appointments with your dentist. Doing so prevents complex dental complications from arising since they’ll be diagnosed and treated early. 

woman checked by dentist for dental implants in Tamiami 

Did You Just Get Your Dental Implants in Tamiami?

If so, we’re happy that your smile is getting better! But here at Tamiami Dental Center, our dental care process doesn’t just stop with placing your implants. We also ensure that you understand everything about taking care of them. Should you want to learn more about our unique dental processes, please leave us a message.