Stages of Periodontal Disease

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Gum disease can be easily prevented through good dental hygiene practices. Immediately scheduling an appointment for periodontics in Miami after you discover gum disease symptoms is another preventive measure. Below are the stages of periodontal disease you need to be aware of.

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How to Know if Gum Disease is Mild or Severe?


Gingivitis is the early stage of periodontal disease. This is a mild condition usually categorized by bad breath, bleeding gums when you brush or floss, red gums, and swollen or puffy gums. It is the inflammation of the gingiva due to plaque build-up along your gum line.

Since gingivitis is the result of plaque build-up, the primary culprit is probably going to relate to brushing your teeth. The plaque produces toxins that cause inflammation and infection in the gingival tissues. To address this concern, your dentist will have to clean your teeth and gums to eliminate plaque build-up.


Symptoms of periodontitis include redness and swelling of the gums. Bleeding can also occur even at the slightest impact of a brush on your gums. More so, pockets may develop below the gum line, creating a room for trapped plaque and bacteria.

If you have periodontitis, you may also experience pain in the gum and jawbone areas. To treat periodontitis, experts perform deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, to counter infection and remove plaque buildup.

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Learn More About Periodontics in Miami

Advanced periodontitis is the final stage. At this point, bacteria have already penetrated the deep areas of your gums. It can lead to loss of gingival tissues, connective tissues, and bone. The only way to treat this condition is to undergo laser therapy or surgical procedures.

If you think you’re suffering from one of these stages, contact Tamiami Dental Center so your gum disease can be treated as soon as possible!