Reasons Why Your Gums are Bleeding

Dentist near FIU checking patient's bleeding gums

While bleeding gums after you floss is a common occurrence, especially if you’re new to flossing, constant bleeding and swelling are a cause for concern. If you experience recurring gum bleeding every time you brush, it’s better to see a dentist near FIU who can help you diagnose your problem. If you want to know what causes your gums to bleed, here are some causes you might want to consider.  

Dentist near FIU and male patient looking at the cameraCauses of Bleeding Gums

Gum Disease and Poor Oral Health

Gum bleeding is one of the most common signs of gum disease and poor oral health. If you’re experiencing consistent gum bleeding every time you brush your teeth or floss, you might have underlying gum disease due to poor oral health. Gingivitis, inflammation, and periodontitis are some gum diseases associated with gum bleeding; contact your dentist right away to learn more about your condition.  

Applying Too Much Pressure When Flossing

One common reason for bleeding gums is applying too much pressure when flossing your teeth. This happens when a layer of thin skin gets bruised and bleeds when the floss touches your gums. You’ll need to remember that your gums are made up of soft tissues that can break easily when exposed to too much pressure whenever you floss your teeth.   

A Sudden Snap

Snapping often happens when your floss forcefully slaps directly into your gums when you push it between your teeth. The snap causes the tissues on your gums to bruise or bleed from the force of the impact, resulting in your gums’ tearing. This can easily be avoided by practicing a slow and steady method of flossing; you can slowly slide the floss between your teeth and into your gum line for better results.  

Dentist near FIU performing oral examination on female patientLooking for a Reliable Dentist Near FIU?

There are a lot of ways to identify and prevent bleeding gums. One effective solution is to visit your oral health professional in Doral. Here at Tamiami Dental Center, we provide a wide selection of dental treatments and services to help you resolve your oral health needs. Call us today!