Perils of Using a Plaque Scraper at Home

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You may have recently seen professional plaque scrapers sold online and in other dental stores, but should you use them? Dental scrapers are used by Doral dentist to remove calculus and plaque from your teeth during a teeth cleaning treatment.

Your dentist will gently scrape the buildup under your gum line and the surface of your teeth. This is to guarantee that your teeth are free from bacteria before you undergo a major dental treatment.

who is the best doral dentist?

Are Professional Plaque Scrapers Safe to Use at Home?

Deeper Cleaning is Required

Most of the time, dental cleaning requires the removal of thick plaque and tartar buildup. There are even instances when the root surfaces need some cleaning and require the use of very sharp tools.

If you improperly use this dental tool, you can damage your gums and teeth. Although dental tools are widely available and can be bought by anyone, these are not recommended to be used by non-professionals at home.

May Result in Dental Trauma

Since gum tissues are soft and delicate, sharp dental tools can easily damage and injure your gums, causing dental trauma. Once your gums are injured by the plaque scraper, gum recession will occur, and the risk of developing tooth decay and sensitivity is higher. Aside from your gums, your tongue and cheeks may also be affected.

who is the best doral dentist?

Looking for a Doral Dentist to Perform Dental Cleaning?

Dentists undergo training for a minimum of two years – this includes the training on how to effectively handle dental tools. Removing plaque and tartar are highly important in tooth decay and gum disease prevention. However, performing this type of dental cleaning at home without any experience will only worsen your condition.

If you want to have spotless, clean teeth, just remember to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment with your dentist and never forget to brush at least twice a day and floss daily. Book your teeth cleaning appointment today at Tamiami Dental Center.