Invisalign in Tamiami | What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

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Didn’t you always want a straighter smile you can be proud of? We offer Invisalign—the perfect solution on the clear path to smiling again! Keep reading to learn how Invisalign in Tamiami is the choice for you!


What It Is

For starters, Invisalign is a custom-made set of clear aligners to effectively straighten your teeth. This option is for individuals who may not want to wear visible metal-wire braces.

The trays are custom-fitted to the edges of your teeth. This is completed by digital scanners to take photos of your teeth and impressions of the grooves of each unique tooth print. In fact, over 1 million patients in the Miami area use Invisalign!



In addition, there are quite a number of benefits from using Invisalign. These include:

  • Removable trays (for eating and brushing)
  • Custom-fitted trays
  • A shorter timeframe for straighter teeth (versus metal wire braces)

Moreover, you will see a significantly straighter smile within 6 months of Invisalign. Also, because the trays are removable, eating and drinking are possible without worrying about food particles getting stuck in them.


Treatable Cases

Furthermore, we know that each individual has a unique set of teeth. The Invisalign system treats the following cases:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Gap teeth
  • Crowded teeth


Also, even if you are looking to generally straighten your smile Invisalign is a great option!



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Lastly, your smile is our top priority! That’s why our experts in Invisalign can give you the smile of your life in a quicker timeframe. Contact us today to make an appointment!