How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

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If you’re considering getting your teeth whitened to improve the appearance of your smile, teeth whitening in Tamiami is one of the best options you can take. With professional teeth whitening, you can leave the dentist’s office in a flash sporting a brand-new smile. While this method is a great way of improving your smile, how long does it last?

Illustration of Teeth Whitening in Tamiami Teeth Whitening Facts

How Is It Performed?

Your teeth are bleached or whitened by applying a whitening agent to their surface and allowing it to settle for a while. When the whitener penetrates these layers, a chemical process occurs at the molecular level that essentially destroys the chemicals that cause tooth stains.  

How Long Does It Last?

While this cosmetic dental procedure is a great way to whiten teeth, tooth whitening does not last forever. The kind of bleaching chemical your cosmetic dentist employs will play a role in how long the effects of your teeth whitening endure. Other factors, such as oral hygiene and eating habits, can also affect how it lasts.  

The Average Duration of Teeth Whitening

The average teeth bleaching results can last between six months and three years because there is such a wide variety of methods for whitening teeth. However, people typically see results that endure for around a year. The type of bleaching agent used and your lifestyle are both factors that affect how long your teeth whitening procedure will last. 

This is a major reason teeth whitening may last three years on one person but just six months on another. Diet and dental hygiene practices are the two lifestyle factors that impact how long bleaching lasts.

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