How Certain Foods and Beverages Cause Dental Erosion

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Have you ever about different foods wearing away at your teeth? According to a Tamiami dentist, dental erosion is the wearing away or thinning of the tooth surface due to various reasons. For example, idiopathic, exposed dentin, the flow of saliva, environmental concern, regurgitation, and dietary matters could all contribute to dental erosion.

Food-based Dental Erosion

Acid in Foods and Beverages

In 1892, it was found that food-based dental erosion is common among Sicilian lemon pickers. This prompted a lot of studies supporting the fact that food and beverages can wear away tooth structure if exposed to acidic substances. An esteemed Tamiami dentist said that regurgitation is another common source of acid that dissolves teeth enamel.

Alternatively, aside from acidic foods and beverages, environmental substances may lead to dental erosion. When your teeth come in contact with harmful environmental substances, these elements can be a source of erosive chemicals.

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Sources of Acid

There are two sources of acid in the mouth – gastric and dietary. Furthermore, this acid will erode the calcium in the tooth and thin down the enamel.

Foods and beverages with high acid content embrace all citrus-based drinks and carbonated beverages. Although grapefruit and orange juices are good for your health, it’s not always good when it becomes a part of your daily routine. Unfortunately, it may slowly erode your teeth without you even noticing.

Strengthen your Teeth with These Tips

A healthy dental routine will keep your breath fresh, stop the development of cavities, and prevent plaque buildup. If you suffer from bad breath, implementing mouthwash and other dental habits into your routine will surely help!

According to a Tamiami dentist, a mouthwash containing fluoride can strengthen your enamel and prevent the development of cavities. Nevertheless, it’s essential to keep in mind that not all toothpaste contains fluoride, so make sure to check the label!

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