Food that Strengthens your Teeth

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Maintaining good dental health is very important. Aside from having fresh breath and a beautiful smile, healthy teeth also play a vital role in food digestion. According to a dentist in Kendall, Miami, one of the effective ways to maintain healthy teeth is to eat foods that will strengthen them.

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Nutritionally-Rich Foods for Healthy Teeth

Tea and Whole Grains

Everyone knows that fluoride is a mineral supplement that removes bacteria, plaque, and decay from the teeth. While your toothpaste provides a sufficient amount of fluoride, getting a little extra fluoride from green tea won’t harm you. Aside from fluoride, green likewise contains polyphenol that can protect your teeth from plaque.

Another nutritionally-rich food that will help strengthen your teeth is whole grains. It contains magnesium which helps in strengthening both your jaw and tooth enamel. Hence, if you want to focus on your teeth’s health, you can include oats, wheat, barley, corn, and rice in your diet. However, make sure that you stay away from processed grains as they may contain high amounts of sugar that can harm your teeth.

Fish and Fruit

Fish contains a good amount of vitamin D and such vitamin aids your body in utilizing calcium. Hence, you’ll have the proper nutrients for enamel development. If your body is calcium deficient, your bones will start to break down and it will result in brittle teeth.

Aside from vitamin D, vitamin C is also an important nutrient for strengthening your teeth. It helps in the overall health of your teeth by killing off acid-creating bacteria. You can get enough vitamin C from fruits such as cranberries, kiwis, apples, grapefruit, and strawberries.

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