The Basics of Endodontic Diagnostic Procedures

The objective of endodontic procedures is to assess the status of your periarticular tissue and pulp. Hence, it is no doubt that this type of diagnosis can be very challenging on the part of the patient, clinicians, and endodontist Miami. What makes it challenging is the fact that it is impossible to directly check the pulp.

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Important Facts to Remember About Endodontic Diagnostic Procedures

Diagnostic Classification

Before performing any endodontic procedure, it is essential that you establish a thorough and extensive diagnosis. During the diagnosis, the clinician or your endodontist Miami will determine if you have acute periradicular abscess. This condition often occurs when there is eventual swelling, tenderness, pus formation, and acute swelling. Additionally, if you experience dental pain, there is also a possibility that you have TMJ dysfunctions and this can be detected during the diagnosis.

History of Symptoms

In whatever diagnostic procedure, conducting a thorough observation and analysis of symptoms is essential. This can be done through a series of questions like:

  • Can you determine where the pain and discomfort come from?
  • Do you grind or clench your teeth?
  • Are you sensitive to pressure or chewing?
  • Is the pain or discomfort spontaneous?

Aside from these questions, there are several more to help every clinician or your endodontist Miami determine your condition.

Clinical Evaluation

Endodontic clinical evaluation involves several tests and exercises such as biting and release, electrical or thermal testing, periodontal probing, percussion, palpation, and other clinical tests. To get a complete and exhaustive result, all tests should be conducted on the concerned tooth, as well as, its adjacent teeth.

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Use the Services of Experienced and Skilled Endodontist Miami

Although it can sometimes be a frustration for the patient to undergo an endodontic diagnosis, it is crucial before availing of root canal treatment or other endodontic treatments. Contact Tamiami Dental Center today!