Enamel Hypoplasia Prevention

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The amount of work it takes for a person to maintain strong and healthy teeth can vary from one individual to another. For most people, the simple routine of regular brushing and flossing will suffice. But to some, especially those suffering from enamel hypoplasia, need a more extensive dental care routine. Tooth enamel is the outer, protective layer of the teeth. If it gets damaged, decay and infection will penetrate the dentin and pulp, which will, later on, result in several dental concerns, meaning you’ll need to see a dentist near FIU.

where can i find a dentist near fiu?

Enamel Hypoplasia and How to Prevent It

What is Enamel Hypoplasia?

Enamel hypoplasia is a condition that causes the enamel to poorly or irregularly develop. Its symptoms include the following:

  • High vulnerability to decay and cavities
  • Irregular wear
  • Grooves, fissures, depressions, and pits in the teeth
  • Yellowish-brown stains or white spots

Hypomineralization is a less serious dental problem associated with tooth enamel. It leads to a more translucent and softer enamel because of the lack of mineral content.

What are the Causes of Enamel Hypoplasia?

While numerous symptoms indicate you are suffering from enamel hypoplasia, the causes of such dental conditions are limited. This tooth enamel disorder may be caused by hereditary or environmental conditions such as maternal smoking, infection, or trauma to the teeth.

where can i find a dentist near fiu?

Enamel Hypoplasia Prevention as Advised by a Dentist Near FIU

Early diagnosis and treatment of enamel hypoplasia are imperative. Possible treatments include professional whitening, resin-bonded sealant, crowns, and fillings. The primary goal of the treatment is to maintain a healthy smile, preserve the tooth structure, prevent the development of a bad bite, and avoid tooth decay. Contact Tamiami Dental Center to get your enamel hypoplasia problem treated!