Does Gum Disease Cause Bad Breath

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Having bad breath isn’t only unhygienic, it’s also unappealing, especially if you’re always around other people. That’s why it’s essential to know why or how bad breath develops. Luckily, periodontics in Miami can help through professional treatments.

While bad breath could result from poor oral hygiene, smelly food, or tooth decay, some other causes are of more serious concern. One is called perio breath, or a condition where gum disease causes bad breath because of plaque and bacteria buildup. If you’re wondering how gum disease could affect your breath, here’s how gum diseases and bad breath are connected.

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One of the most common gum diseases that cause bad breath is halitosis. Halitosis is an oral health problem characterized by bad breath that is considered beyond a socially acceptable level. While there are plenty of causes for halitosis, the main reason for its development is the excessive number of bacteria present in the mouth.   


Periodontitis is a severe gum problem that’s usually caused by plaque buildup. One of the leading causes of this gum disease is bacteria caused by poor oral hygiene. By practicing good oral health, patients who suffer from this gum disease could lessen its impact on their dental wellness and prevent bad breath.   


Another leading cause of bad breath caused by gum disease is gingivitis. Gingivitis is usually caused by plaque hardening on the base of the teeth that causes the gums to irritate and get infected. Some signs of gingivitis that you need to look out for other than bad breath is swollen and bleeding gums, painful chewing, and reddish gums.

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