How Does Endodontic Treatment Help My Oral Health?

How to find the best endodontist in Miami?

Do you or someone you know need the help of an endodontist in Miami? In most cases, endodontic treatment may be recommended if your tooth is in need of some restoration. The treatment will include the removal of the affected tissue before a permanent dental crown or filling can be attached. Tamiami Dental Center is here to keep your mouth healthy and happy!

Reasons to Get an Endodontic Treatment

A Tooth Needs Saving

What are the best endodontists in Miami?

Oral surgery is sometimes needed to rescue a damaged tooth. Furthermore, it may be recommended when the cause is poor dental care and a standard root canal treatment isn’t possible.

Also, sometimes the issues are deep in places we can access from the surface. When gum disease runs a little too deep, you may hear your dentist begin talking about either simple or complex surgery. Another path your dentist may take is an apicoectomy to carefully remove the root end before securing the remaining root.

Treatment of Past Restorative Work

Root canals are pretty common and often do not cause future problems. However, in case you find yourself with an infection, an endodontist in Miami can perform a treatment on the previously procedure site to calm your infection or other dental issue.

They will begin by removing the material that is sealing your nerve pulp. Furthermore, this will allow your dentist to find the cause of the problem. Once the problem is identified and addressed, the pulp will then be sealed again and your tooth can be restored.

Advanced Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can worsen and spread to neighboring areas if left untreated. Therefore, you are typically advised to seek immediate dental treatment if you find yourself with decay.

Ultimately, the interior of your tooth may become vulnerable to infection and you may start to experience sensitivity, aching, and swelling. A root canal performed by an endodontist in Miami can fix you right up!

Why do I need to see an endodontist in Miami?

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