Difference Between A Waterpik® and Dental Floss

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Aside from brushing, it’s common knowledge that flossing is also an integral part of any good dental hygiene routine. Fortunately, because of all the dental advancements, it is now possible to clean areas in between your teeth without using the good ol’ string floss. Here are a few differences between a Waterpik® and dental floss from the best Miami dentist. 

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How To Know What’s Right for You 

String Floss 

Unlike toothbrushes where you have a lot of options to choose from, dental string floss has limited options. You can either choose a waxed, unwaxed, or polytetrafluorethylene floss. Waxed dental floss has a light coating that makes it easier to get through very narrow areas. It is also more durable when compared to the unwaxed option. 

As for the polytetrafluorethylene floss, this type can easily slide in between your teeth and is less prone to shredding. It’s also designed to have a flatter and broader dental tape for more comfort and ease. 


If you find it difficult to use string floss, you can use the Waterpik®. It is easier to use because all you need to do is fill it with water, turn the device on, and move it carefully in between your teeth. The water pressure that comes out of the device is customized to prevent gum damage and other dental problems.  

If you have sensitive gums, your dentist will recommend that you use Waterpik® instead of the ordinary string floss. According to studies, dental professionals discovered that after 14 days of using this alternative cleaning tool, patients observed less gum bleeding. 

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