Dentist in Tamiami | 3 Foods That Are Harmful to Your Teeth

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In order to achieve optimum oral health, it’s essential to not only brush and floss regularly but to also watch what you eat! Certain foods can be harmful to your teeth, especially when they are consumed in excess. Below are three foods that damage your teeth. For more information contact our Dentist in Tamiami today!


Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are good for your general health in many ways. However, these fruits actually damage your teeth, due to the high level of acid that they contain. Over time, this acid breaks down your teeth’s enamel, making them susceptible to a variety of dental issues.


Sticky and Chewy Candy

Sticky and chewy candy have the tendency to get stuck between your teeth. This allows harmful bacteria to grow and thrive off of the sugar in your mouth. The results are weakened tooth enamel and cavities.



Pickles might not be your first thought when it comes to foods that are harmful to your teeth. However, pickles are extremely acidic, which can contribute to the deterioration of your teeth’s enamel.

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