Dental Implants with Osteoporosis

where can I get the best dental implant in doral?

Dental implants are a very popular cosmetic dental treatment. What makes it so great? Dental implants offer you the luxury to eat whatever you want, they don’t slip off like dentures, and they won’t require special cleaning. If you’re wondering whether you can get this treatment despite having osteoporosis, you can still get a dental implant in Doral!

where can I get the best dental implant in doral?

Can You Get Dental Implants if You Have Osteoporosis?

Advanced Technology Makes it Possible

Osteoporosis is a bone loss density condition. It naturally occurs when you age as the healing processes of your body changes. Such a change causes your body to lose more bone than it can replace. Osteoporosis may also be due to poor genetics, lifestyle factors, and diet.

When it comes to dental concerns, the risk associated with osteoporosis is that your jawbone cannot support the dental implant because of a lack of bone density. Proper imaging and thorough determination of your mouth will aid your dentist in coming up with a plan. They will assess whether you need alternative strategies to achieve successful dental implant treatment.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

With proper management and advanced technology, people with osteoporosis can have zygomatic dental implants. It is a type of dental implant designed to cater to the needs of patients with bone loss problems.

These implants are also used when conventional dental implants repeatedly fail. For patients who don’t want to undergo complex treatments like bone augmentation or sinus lifts, zygomatic implants are also an alternative.

where can I get the best dental implant in doral?

Quality Dental Implant in Doral for Patients with Bone Loss Concern

If you’re planning to get dental implants, but you’re taking medications for osteoporosis, it’s important you let your dentist know. The reason is certain medications may influence or contradict the dental treatment. To schedule an appointment with our dentists at Tamiami Dental Center, contact us today!