Dental Implants in Doral | Benefits of Dental Implants

who is the best dental implants in doral for my mom?

We know that getting a beautiful smile is important to you. That’s why we’re your leading experts for dental implants in Doral! You should be able to live a healthy, confident life with the effect of new teeth. Let’s learn more about what dental implants has to offer!



What It Is

In the first place, dental implants are the perfect solution for missing or cracked teeth! Dental implants are anchored into your jawbone for maximum support. Your artificial teeth will be placed on top of the implant, so you can chew your favorite foods again!




Moreover, there are many benefits of getting dental implants for you. They include but are not limited to:


Therefore, premature aging is a visible consequence of having missing teeth. The skin around your mouth can sag and make you look older. Dental implants are the best option to retain your youth!



Types of Implants

Furthermore, you can expect dental implants to come in many forms to suit your condition. These types include:

Endosteal Implants

  • placed on the jawbone
  • used as an alternative to dentures/bridgework
  • screw, cylinder, or bladed material
  • most common type


Subperiosteal Implants

  • placed below the jawbone (under gum tissue)
  • used to hold dentures in place
  • metal implant material


Contact Your Dental Implants in Doral Specialists!

Last but not least, dental implants are great for getting the smile of your life. You should feel comfortable and at ease with eating and drinking again. Contact us today to make an appointment!