Common Misconceptions About Braces

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Did you know many dental patients continue to believe the most common myths about braces in Tamiami? Because of this, they consequently fail to receive the necessary care to fix their teeth. Check out the most common dental braces misconceptions to help distinguish truth from fiction.  

teen wearing Braces in Tamiami doing the thumbs up signBreaking Down the Biggest Misconceptions About Dental Braces

You Won’t See Results for Years   

The length of orthodontic treatment may vary from person to person because each individual is unique. While patients must wait around 18 months for dental braces to show their benefits, some patients that suffer from slight misalignment or dental crowding can take even less time to see improvements.  

Braces Set Off Metal Detectors

Because of your metal braces, you won’t trigger an alarm when you go through the metal detectors at airport security. In addition to being comprised of incredibly light materials, current braces are also smaller than those that came before them.  

Wearing Braces Will Permanently Straighten Your Teeth

Unfortunately, your freshly straightened teeth won’t stay that way unless you follow your dentist’s instructions on properly and consistently using a retainer after receiving braces.  

Because it’s the only method to maintain your smile’s beauty and straightness, wearing a retainer is just as important as receiving orthodontic treatment. Remember to follow your dentist’s every instruction after getting your braces.  

Metal Braces Are Your Only Option for Orthodontic Treatment

A dentist who specializes in orthodontics can give you a variety of orthodontic treatment options since they are familiar with how teeth move. They offer suggestions for the ideal dental appliance that might help you achieve the greatest results based on the seriousness of your dental disease.  

They’re Uncomfortable to Wear   

Modern dentistry’s breakthroughs have allowed for improvements to conventional dental braces. For instance, if you wear tooth-colored fixed braces, lingual braces, or clear braces, the brackets on your teeth won’t bother you.  

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