Childrens Dentist in Miami | 4 Tips to Prevent Cavities in Kids

As a parent, you strive to help your child develop excellent oral health habits. There are many ways you can help your children prevent cavities, such as visiting a childrens dentist in Miami. However, there are many steps you and your family can take to prevent tooth decay. Read about these tips to prevent cavities in kids and maintain optimum oral health.


Eating Healthy

Most parents know that avoiding sugary candy can help keep cavities at bay. However, there are certain foods that help keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy. Give your children fiber rich foods such as apples and carrot sticks to help brush away food particles after meals. Additionally, eating cheese and yogurt can also help keep tooth enamel strong.

Drinking Water

Drinking plenty of water is essential for a healthy oral environment. This helps rinse away bacteria, and keep the mouth safe from acid attacks. In addition, most water contains fluoride which can help your children’s teeth stay strong.

Develop Oral Health Habits

Helping your child brush and floss properly twice daily can prevent tooth decay early on, as well as in the future. Teach your children to brush and floss with proper technique, and for two minutes in the morning and before bed time. Sometimes, having their favorite flavor of toothpaste and their favorite color toothbrush can go a long way in making oral care fun and enjoyable.

Visit a Childrens Dentist in Miami Regularly

Bringing your child to a childrens dentist in Miami twice a year can ensure that they are cavity free. Contact Tamiami Dental Center to establish a dental home for your family. This will ensure that your entire family is set up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.