Causes and Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

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There can be tons of causes and symptoms for a cracked tooth, and it is essential to know these facts. According to a Tamiami dentist, knowing what causes a cracked tooth will help you avoid having one. Plus, you won’t have to spend on dental treatments to address this concern.

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How to Prevent or Detect a Cracked Tooth

What are the Causes?

Using your teeth for purposes other than chewing and biting down on food can cause your teeth to crack. For instance, if you have the habit of tearing clothes tags and opening bottles with your teeth, you’re probably going to have a crack tooth one way or another. Other causes include:

  • Chewing or biting down hard foods like a bone, hard sweets, ice, and nuts
  • Continuous pressure from tooth clenching or grinding
  • Dental trauma caused by a fall or accident
  • Large or defective dental fillings, making surrounding teeth weaker

What are the Symptoms?

How you determine a crack tooth can be simple if the crack is visible or huge. However, it can be a bit challenging if the crack is small or located on your molars. You may conclude that you have a cracked tooth if you feel pain when chewing or biting that often lasts a very short time. It’s also possible that your tooth is injured when soreness and swelling of gums around your tooth are felt. More so, you may also have a crack tooth if you have sensitive teeth when it comes to hot and cold food and beverages.

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Allow our Tamiami Dentist to Examine your Teeth

Although several symptoms indicate, you have a cracked tooth, the only person who can fully determine it is your dentist. Schedule an appointment today at Tamiami Dental Center, and our dentists will be glad to examine your teeth if you have any dental problems!