Can Yellow Teeth Be Healthy?

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We all want that glistening, white smile, but this goal may be a bit challenging to achieve because of all the coffee, soda, and other high-staining food and beverages. Every person possesses a distinctive tooth color as a result of environmental and genetic factors. If you’re born with unhealthy teeth or your habits caused your teeth to turn yellow, you’ll most probably have to undergo teeth whitening in Tamiami.

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Causes and How to Prevent Yellow Teeth

What Causes Yellow Teeth?

Generally, yellow teeth do not determine whether you have healthy teeth or not. It is merely a sign that your enamel is affected. According to most dentists, having genetically translucent or thinner enamel is normal. However, there are some not-so-natural causes of yellow teeth.

The most causes of yellow teeth are tooth trauma, aging, medications or medical treatments, certain disorders or diseases, poor dental hygiene, and constant use of tobacco products. However, the greatest factor that leads to yellow teeth is frequent consumption of pigmented foods and beverages such as berries, teas, red wine, and coffee.

For as long as poor dental hygiene is not the cause of your yellow teeth, you don’t have to worry about it. In contrast, if it’s the reason why your teeth turn yellow, you are highly advised to visit a dentist. Plaque and tartar buildups can result in teeth discoloration and will soon lead to periodontal diseases.

How to Prevent Yellow Teeth?

The good news about yellow teeth is that they can easily be solved. Whether the cause is poor dental hygiene or frequent consumption of highly pigmented food and beverages, it can usually be addressed by teeth whitening treatments.

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Get Effective Teeth Whitening in Tamiami

Aside from teeth whitening treatments, one of the best ways to maintain white and healthy teeth is to avoid highly pigmented food and beverages. If it cannot be avoided, see to it that you rinse your teeth with water after consuming this type of food and beverages.

If you’re planning to get your teeth whitened, book an appointment with Tamiami Dental Center!