Can I Sleep With My Dentures?

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When you get your dentures, there will always be questions regarding what you can and cannot do with them. You can easily take care of your dentures in Tamiami while speaking, eating, or doing other things. While caring for your dentures during the day is simple, doing it at night is a different story.

Is it possible to wear dentures while you sleep? This is one of the most frequently asked topics regarding dentures. Since many questions come with obtaining new dentures, we hope this post can answer some of the most frequently asked ones concerning sleeping with dentures.  

dentist holding Dentures in Tamiami Why Do You Need to Avoid Sleeping With Dentures?

Take a Rest From Eating

Typically, the answer to whether or not you should wear your dentures to bed is no. To rest your gums, you should take off your dentures while you sleep. It is extremely encouraged to remove your dentures before going to bed because prolonged use could develop other oral health problems 

Avoid the Risk of Illness

Wearing dentures while you sleep has been associated with issues such as gum inflammation and tongue plaque. Additionally, you’re encouraging the growth of oral bacteria if you don’t brush your teeth, take care of your gums, and take off your dentures at night.  

How to Care for Your Dentures at Night

You still need to take care of your dentures before bed, even though you won’t be sleeping with them. Your cleaning routine should include the following:  

  • To clean your dentures, brush them with a solution designed for them.  
  • Put your dentures in warm (not hot) water to soak for the night.  
  • After waking up, rinse your dentures before putting them back in your mouth.

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Are you Interested in Getting Dentures in Tamiami?

If you want more information about dentures, get in touch with our team at Tamiami Dental Center. To avoid the development of bacteria and illnesses, don’t forget to remove and clean your dentures before bed. Contact our team to learn more about our services!