Everything You Need to Know About Malocclusion

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Malocclusion is oftentimes an inherited condition; meaning, it can be acquired from the genes of your parents or grandparents. If you think malocclusion runs in the family, you need not worry. All you have to do is to visit your dentist and get braces in Tamiami. Additionally, aside from genetics, there are also some habits or conditions that influence the structure and shape of your jaw. Read on to know about these habits and conditions, as well as, the types of malocclusion.

who offers the best braces in tamiami?

Basic Facts on Malocclusion


Experts in the cosmetic dentistry, especially on braces in Tamiami, provide that mouth breathing or airway obstruction may be a cause of malocclusion. This condition is more likely to be caused by inflamed tonsils, enlarged adenoids, or allergies. Likewise, malocclusion may be caused by injuries that lead to jaw misalignment, as well as, due to tumors found in your jaw or mouth.

Another cause of malocclusion is poor oral care that leads to improperly fitting braces in Tamiami, crowns, or fillings. More so, impacted or abnormally shaped teeth may result in the development of malocclusion.


Braces in Tamiami can fix different types of malocclusion. The common types are diastema, spacing, anterior underbite or crossbite, crossbite, overbite, overjet, and overcrowding. If you can remember Lara Stone and Madonna, these famous icons have a diastema, wherein there is a gap between their two teeth, normally those situated at the front. As for spacing malocclusion, this is commonly mistaken with diastema. However, the primary difference is that it is often caused by thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, small teeth, and missing teeth.

Among the different types of malocclusion, the most common is overcrowding. This dental condition is usually caused by a lack of space in your mouth resulting in the overlapping of your teeth.

who offers braces in tamiami?

How Braces in Tamiami Address Malocclusion

If you want to know which type of malocclusion you have and how it can be addressed, contact Tamiami Dental Center as soon as possible!