Are Braces Effective in Changing a Person’s Face Shape?

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Dental Braces in Tamiami are frequently associated with significant life events, so it’s reasonable to consider the significant changes that they will bring. We are commonly asked if braces can change the contour of your entire face in addition to your teeth. And the answer is yes; they can. In this article, we’ll look at how and when they’re likely to do so.

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Will braces alter your face’s shape?

How can braces affect the shape of your face?

Yes, orthodontic treatment can alter the appearance of a person’s face. But don’t worry; the changes that braces will bring are entirely favorable! Braces will correct facial alignment abnormalities and give your mouth and jawline a more symmetrical, natural appearance.

Orthodontic Problems

When a person’s orthodontic difficulties are repaired, three primary categories of frequent orthodontic problems will have the most dramatic effect on their look. These are the following:

  • Open Bites – When you bite openly, your lips and mouth appear to be spread out. The upper lip can protrude out, and in severe cases, the mouth may not close naturally. Braces will be able to remedy the condition because they will be able to pull the teeth into a more vertical alignment, which will prevent the teeth from being bucked. This permits the patient to seal their mouth without having to extend their lips around angled teeth.
  • Underbites – An underbite causes a person’s chin to protrude and appear overly large for their face. The jaw will no longer jut out after braces treatment, giving the appearance of a softer and more natural smile.
  • Overbites – Unlike underbites, overbites make it appear as though the person has no chin at all. When a patient’s bite is brought into alignment, braces will establish a stronger jawline.

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Are You Considering Getting Braces in Tamiami?

The smile of your dreams is within your grasp, and braces are the quickest and most effective method to achieve it. That is why we are your leading dental braces experts to get you a beautiful smile. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment!