3 Tips to Effectively Clean Your Braces  

girl with braces in Tamiami having dental checkup

After getting your braces in Tamiami, the next thing that might bother you is keeping them clean. You might think it’s impossible to maintain the cleanliness of both your teeth and braces, but it just takes a bit of a dental routine detour.   

To keep your oral health in good shape while straightening your teeth, you should start by ensuring that your braces are always clean.  

woman brushing her braces in TamiamiHow to Efficiently Clean Your Braces

Choose the Right Toothbrush

There is a wide variety of toothbrushes to choose from. The type of brush you were using before you got your braces might not be adequate anymore.  

Some electric toothbrushes are great for braces, but some aren’t. Consulting your dentist for recommendations is still the best option.  

Follow up with Flossing

You might think that flossing is impossible with braces. Just imagine having to go through those wires and maneuvering through them as you try to clean your teeth.   

Flossing while you have your braces is much easier if you use “super floss,” which is specifically meant for those with braces. This padded floss can be threaded under your wires so you can still floss correctly. 

Use Mouthwash

Especially when you just got your braces, it is essential to use mouthwash. Your mouth won’t immediately adjust to the feel of the metal brackets and wires around your teeth. The spaces between your teeth and these metals are more likely to collect food particles and plaque.  

Using a good mouthwash also helps prevent bad breath.  

woman cleaning her braces in Tamiami with dental flossDo You Want to Get Braces in Tamiami?

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